The Livingrooms laren


The Livingrooms Laren

The Livingrooms-Laren has a spacious attic floor, which is furnished as an apartment. The apartment consists of a cozy  room with a double bed and a sitting area with television. This room overlooks Laren. There is also a sitting room with a dining table and there is a large lounge-bedroom with

two comfortable sofas, a large television and two single beds. This room has a view of St. John's Basilica.
There is a spacious private bathroom with bath and shower.
The apartment can be booked for 1-2-3 or 4 people.

Group accomodation
For a group of friends, family or colleagues who want to spend a weekend together, the Livingrooms has several extra rooms. In addition to the apartment for 4 people, The Livingrooms-Laren has 3 tastefully decorated guest rooms that can be rented partly or at the same time. These comfortable and attractive rooms have a sink and make use of the cozy bathroom.
Great base for, for example, walking groups, cyclists, reunions or knitting clubs.

Yoga studio
The Livingrooms-Laren has a large space that is used as a

yoga studio. Combined with the guest rooms, The Livingrooms-Laren is therefore extremely suitable as a yoga retreat center.
The Studio is also suitable for purposes other than yoga and was used in the past for lectures, Zhi-gong workshops, brainstorms and meetings. Inquire about the possibilities.

The rooms and the apartment are rented without catering, but the owners are happy to serve breakfast (basic breakfast:

€ 7.50pp).
It is also possible to order complete catering, lunch, snacks, a simple meal or an extensive dinner.

Meetings & workshop possibilities
Brainstorming or meeting in an inspiring place? The Livingrooms-Laren has a (yoga) studio that can be used as a meeting place and there is also a spacious dining room where you can enjoy a good view of the St. Jans basilica.

Voor meer informatie:

tel: (+31) 06-25058378/ 06-51577650

Kerklaan 9

1251JR Laren- NH

email: info@thelivingroom-laren.nl

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